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Ishido Genius HD

1.51 usd

Ishido Genius is a single player game from the developers of Mahjong Genius. The aim of the game is to match stones, by colour and/or face, with stones already played to achieve a competitive score.Three game variants are included: Ishido, Hitteki, and Tokou; Each variant has four board sizes offering different levels of challenge and complexity.
The game has a number of themes that change its look and feel, modifying background, stones and sound effects. There are themes to satisfy all tastes that will be enjoyed by all ages young or old.
As with all Ta-Dah Apps games, Ishido Genius has been designed to provide an appealing but challenging experience for the player. The user interface is clean and easy to use and, with a choice of themes and the inclusion of HD graphics, the game is visually stunning.
We believe it is an excellent and challenging game, providing stimulation and a mental challenge.
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Features:- 3 game types, Ishido, Hitteki and Tokou- Multiple game themes, suitable for young and old alike- 3 skill levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert- Left and Right Handed option- Training mode (shows available moves)- High-score table- Clean and simple user interface- Social networking with Facebook integration