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osu! iPhone - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle and Still Alive

Me playing Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle and part of Still Alive (camera died)

Sui Ishida drawing Kaneki

i found this on a japenese stream web Sui ishida drawing Ken Kaneki feom Tokyo Ghoul: Re.

How to Fix EE Error "Not Connected To Our Network" When Checking Data

If you're trying to check your data allowance on EE, but it keeps telling you to disconnect WiFi, even though you already have, this might help with fixing it.

Japanese Bishonen Dating Simulation Game - Senbura (narration)

Dating simulation + JRPG Japanese RPG game - Senbura Segoku Night Blood, allows you to court and date Japanese Bishonen warriors in warring time Japan. Nurture relationships, unlock blood sucking...

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